Measurement of oil emission in exhaust gas. 

The system has been designed to measure for trace amounts of oil, and heavy hydrocarbons in exhaust gas. The instrument samples from any place in the engine and uses a mass spectrometer to filter heavy molecules. No tracers are required to measure and quantify the different components in the combustion. The method is accurate down to 1 ppm and with high time resolution to a crank angle resolved measurement. The ability to measure oil in the exhaust in real time greatly impacts how engine components, designs, and materials can be selected, tested, and verified.

A Truly Unique Method

There is no instrument that can do what Lubrisense can offer.

Some interesting system parameters:

  • Lubrisense can perform in real time at 12.5 kHz frequency
  • Time resolved analyzer that tracks oil and HC’s in exhaust
  • No S or radiotracers required
  • High resolution limit, detection down to 1 ppm
  • Multiparameter measurement: emission percent, emission mass per hour

Advantages of the Lubrisense Method

Improved materials, optimized components, efficient engines

  • Find out oil consumption in exhaust gas at ppm levels and time resolved
  • Accelerate your engine and component development projects
  • Test with real life fuel and oil combination selected for the engine
  • Transient oil consumption in highly dynamic test cycle
  • Optimize component designs and materials
  • Evaluate and measure engine components and their influence in oil emission.


Lubrisense can be customized to your field of interest. There are more possibilities that you can unfold with it. Contact us for more info.