Online Imaging system for damage prediction and aeration measurement

OILPAS evaluates the fluids behavior, monitors for development of wear and damages, and counts aeration of oil during mechanical components testing. The instrument is at use for testing new designs and materials, for engine aeration measurement, FZG load stage wear evaluation, water in fuel monitoring, and other projects involving mechanical components. The system can be customized to report wear and damages, particles number and shapes, ais % in fluids, pollution and fluid oxidation, and more. All of these factors can be measured in-line at 1 Hz rate and processed in a manner previously not available. As a result OILPAS reports accurate timescale information of processes in components and fluids.

A Truly Unique Machine

There is no instrument that can do what Oilpas can offer

Some interesting system parameters:

  • Time-resolved analysis of particles, aeration, water, and fluid degradation
  • Speed of 1 Hz allowing for real time measurement
  • Continuous analysis from the area or element of interest
  • Analog data input for correlating dynamic testing to results
  • Detection, classification, shape, and measurement of particles
  • Software provides the analytic data for reporting

Advantages of OILPAS System

Better Engines, materials, components, lubes, additives

  • Improving the value of information gathered from mechanical tests
  • Understanding wear processes to select materials and designs
  • Avoid expensive test cell downtime due to unexpected failures
  • Improve longevity and performance of engines and mechanical components
  • Accelerate the results of R&D projects, and the return time on measurements
  • More information and better resolution for bench tests results
  • Selection of candidate materials by property and performance comparison
  • Improvement of designs that allow higher regimes with less air entrapment
  • Shorten R&D time to simulate conditions and predict consequences
  • Predict component longevity with time-resolved wear

OILPAS can be customized to your field of interest. There are more possibilities that you can unfold with it. Contact us for more info.